Companies often outsource IT tasks like the management and maintenance of enterprise networks to third-party IT service companies. The managed services are often responsible for hosting and managing servers, specialized applications, and networks for the corporate clients.

DVG Tech Solutions is known to provide services under the Managed/Co-Managed engagement model. The projects for specific Centers of Excellence like testing and infrastructure management services are efficiently managed. They are usually executed from the client premises. DVGTS brings in its technical expertise around various technical issues.

Software and firmware require constant upgradation for the systems to perform better. However, there are various risks involved with upgradation techniques including worsening of the existing system. The involvement of bug that causes malfunctions is another risk factor to be looked upon. DVG Tech Solutions has made a name for itself in the field of efficient software upgradation.

IT managed services reduces the in-house overhead, improves maintenance system, increases the IT efficiency, improves security and improves uptime management. This strategic move is ideal as it allows the corporate to focus on enhancing the core operations and processes critical to the enterprise.

The organisations opting for third-party management of IT services have dramatically risen in the past few decades. DVG Tech Solutions has worked with corporate giants. With advanced solutions and up-to-date technology, DVG Tech Solutions has continued to exceed the clients’ expectation of value creation.

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