Companies today understand the value of capable human resources. This has made talent acquisition a critical part of every business. everyone wishes to recruit the best talent to stay ahead of the curve.

It is a common scenario that the corporate finds a huge gap in the skill set required for a position and the skills possessed by the candidates. In such situations, the corporate has to spend money and time to train them and bring them to the desired level. The situation is not ideal and is cumbersome for the corporate. To manage this situation, corporates are now using the HTD (Hire, Train and Deploy) service.

This service ensures that the gap between the skill set is bridged. This is done through a simple process. The candidates appropriate for the job role are hired. They are then trained by the service provider for 4-6 weeks.

The technology experts ensure that the training is customized as per the company’s requirements. The training elevates the candidate’s skillset and makes him ready for the job. After this, they are deployed with the said company. The company saves time, effort and money in training but still gets the perfect candidate with the exact skillset.

DVG Tech Solutions is a leading player in the staffing business in India. With a pan-India presence, we ensure that our clients receive the best talent to fill an available position. The professionals trained with our industry experts are ready to exceed the expectations of their employers. Our due diligence in hiring and training has helped us achieve attrition rates that are lower than the industry standards.

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