Software and the Internet have transformed the world in numerous ways. Software is now an integral component of every business. One can notice the evolution and requirement for software in every business process, including logistics, operations, communications and HR.

This fast-paced world requires the companies to transform how they build and deliver software. DevOps is a collaborative approach which combines the practices of Software Development (Dev) and IT Operations (Ops). This approach aims to shorten the software development life cycle, improve software quality and provide continuous delivery.

A company’s I.T. team writes the software in congruence with the user requirements, deploys it in stipulated time and it runs optimally in the first attempt. This is the best-case scenario. In real life, the developers often need to work on updates to align the software to the client expectations.

DevOps as a methodology believes in the improvement and upgradation throughout the software development lifecycle. So, it is an infinite loop of planning, coding, building, testing, releasing, deploying, monitoring, feedback and upgradation.

DevOps allows a company to bridge the gap that traditionally exists between the development and operations teams. It promotes proper channels of communication and collaboration across the entire life cycle of software application. It assists in aligning the technological projects to business requirements.

DVG Tech Solutions has been committed to assist organisations by deploying DevOps solutions to standardize efforts and improve time-to-market for the applications.

Our comprehensive DevOps services puts the client’s DevOps transformation in motion. The main focus is on automating every stage of development. This, in turn, helps in quality deployment that is reliable, on-time and secure.

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