People management plays a crucial role in any organisation’s functioning and overall performance. As the business begins to pick up and grow exponentially, the teams also need to grow multi-fold. This creates a frequent requirement for new hiring.

At times, the HR departments don’t have the bandwidth required to manage all the recruitment needs of the company. This creates a havoc in the hiring ecosystem and it affects the overall efficiency of the core operations. At this juncture, companies often deploy a strategic move wherein they transfer certain HR functions to a third-party provider. 

The third-party provider steps into the company’s existing structure and helps in the augmentation of the recruitment process throughout the enterprise or wherever needed.

This setup provides tangible benefits for the company. It helps the corporates by giving them access to valuable HR expertise, aid with regulatory compliances, and improve response times. Another major benefit is that it allows the in-house HR professionals to devote more time to roles that are strategic to the company’s performance.

DVG Tech Solutions helps companies- both large and mid-sized to administer a world-class recruitment function. As part of Contract Process Outsourcing, we take charge of specific recruitment services for the clients by working seamlessly within the company’s existing HR management structure. We take care of the compliance processes and the paper work and ensure placement of talented professionals for a stipulated period.

We have assisted numerous corporates by providing the right resources at the right time.

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