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At DVGTS we execute projects for specific Centers of Excellence like Testing and Infrastructure management services, under the Managed/Co-Managed engagement model. Managed or co-managed service projects are executed from client premises wherein DVGTS brings its expertise and knowledge around process guidelines, demand & resource management and technical expertise.

The new software and firmware upgrade by replacing the older version with the latest has fast caught the eyes of the public. It is necessary to carry up-to-date versions and systems for a better end result. But one has to keep in mind the risks involved in carrying such upgrade techniques. The possibility of worsening the product after upgrade stands a huge chance in today"s scenario. To reduce this aspect of risk taking, DVG Tech Solutions has made a mark in upgrade of software and other utilities.

The involvement of bug causing malfunction problems is another risk factor to be looked upon. An upgrade can often seem to be a downgrade for a user and that is the stage where our professional expertise comes into the picture. We have been recognized for our work in this domain and have scaled new heights with regard to the methodology used in upgrading. With many new firms coming up, our clientele base has raised two folds in the recent past which signifies the trust they put in us. For advanced solutions, we shall meet your expectation and needs with aplomb.